SHADA International is the international branch of the British group, the Sexual Health and Disability Alliance. Our group meets twice a year in London and helps people engaged in this sometimes taboo work, to feel inspired, less alone and supported. We hope that people abroad will benefit in a similar way and also find each other here, hook up locally and form local SHADA groups.

This website is designed for professionals who support people with disabilities with their sexual expression, wherever they are in the world, to learn from the pioneers in their field. Members canĀ  make suggestions and comment. We hope more topics will be added as time progresses and, when professionals make breakthroughs, they will share them here.

Bringing professionals together, perhaps with a lawyer, can add vitality and confidence to your work, arming you to fight for the rights of people with disabilities to enjoy their personal lives as much as possible.


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SHADA and Outsiders can only exist with the generosity of donor supporters.
No matter how small it may appear, each and every donation is invaluable so please donate what you can.
Many thanks.