You will notice that people in different places around the word use quite different terminology when describing people with disabilities. In Britain, we use the term ‘learning disabled’, ‘peope with learning difficulties’ or ‘PLD’, whereas YAI in New York use the term ‘persons with intellectual and other developmental disabilities’ (IDD). We sometimes describe disabled people as ‘differently abled” or ‘impaired’ whereas in Australia they use the term ‘people with disabilties’. There again, Yes We Fuck In Spain use the term ‘people with functional diversity’ ! In the UK we would not describe non-disabled or able bodied people as ‘normal’ but the term seems OK in Spain.

The disabled comedienne Romina Puma, put on a comedy show taking the piss out of the politically correctness which disability attracts. She says, ”People are so stressed about political correctness, when, at the end of the day, you should use your common sense. It’s not the word we use, but how we use it. It is the tone and the meaning we give to the word that makes it non-PC. As I say in my show, you can call me disabled person or person with a disability but .it doesn’t change the fact that I am a just a juicy cripple!

We trust readers to be tolerant and accept people’s differences.

When writing, please use simple, straight-forward English, which will be easy to understand (especially for those for who English is not their first language). SHADA International is not an academic website, so please avoid professional or academic jargon. This is a place where we can discuss sex and disability openly and honestly. Our disabled clients deserve it.

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