The SHADA International Board

The board started with two SHADA members who have been constructive in setting SHADA International up. We are now welcoming new board members around the world.

Dr Tuppy Owens

Tuppy is the co-founder of SHADA UK and she runs both the meetings and its working group meetings in London, arranging the venue and the talks. Tuppy started working voluntarily with disabled people in 1979 and she continues to work for free as that is the only way not to be censored. Recently, she has found herself accepted: In 2009 Tuppy was named one of the Family Planning Association‘s 80 most influential achievers in the field of family planning. She won the 2015 Lifetime Achievement Award from the European Lifestyles Awards. She is also a Winner of the Innovation Award of Sexual Health and Human Rights UNESCO 2015 Finalist (Lifetime Achievement) in the Directory of Social Change Awards 2015. Now hurtling through her 70’s, Tuppy is looking for some generous soul to provide funding to pay for a replacement.

Kevin Reel

Kevin Reel is a practicing healthcare ethicist in Toronto, Canada. He is also a registered occupational therapist who first encountered SHADA when he was living and working in the UK some years ago. He speaks to groups of healthcare providers regularly on the topic of the importance assisting people to feel positive about sexuality and sexual expression. As sexuality intersects deeply and sharply with ethics, Kevin finds the practice of healthcare ethics to be a very fertile ground for understanding one’s own values and how they align with the societal values that surround us. Feeling frustrated by his inability to attend SHADA activities for many years, he is delighted to be able to help bring SHADA to the more of the world, and to that end is always seeking partners in ‘the sublime’.

Andria Bianchi

Andria is a practicing healthcare ethicist in Toronto, Ontario. Her primary area of research considers the ethics of sex and people with dementia. Andria is an ethics committee member for an organization that works with people with developmental disabilities and she is the Communications Officer on the board of the Canadian Bioethics Society.

Andria recognizes that sex is a taboo and moralized topic, and the stigma that is associated with sex/sexual expression is often exacerbated when it comes to persons with disabilities. Andria considers sex and sexual expression to be an important part of individuals’ health and well-being. In her work, Andria advocates for persons with disabilities’ right to sexual autonomy while at the same time recognizing the importance of protecting all individuals from the potential for undue harm. Andria believes that learning from members of SHADA International, sharing resources, and disseminating information to the broader community will help to break down the stigma associated with sex and disability.

Professor Claire de Than

Claire is Co-Director of the Centre for Law, Justice and Journalism at City University, London. She is a Law Commissioner (Jersey) and the author or co-author of more than 15 books, including de Than, Criminal Law (OUP 2016). Claire is over 60% deaf, so is disabled but people would not think so. She is chair of SHADA, the Sexual Health and Disability Alliance.

Julia Bahner

Julia Bahner is a disability and sexuality researcher, currently working in the Centre for Disability Studies, University of Leeds, UK. She has previously worked in social work in Sweden. Her research focuses on issues around sexual facilitation to people with mobility impairments, that is, the (often physical) support needed for some to be able to engage in sexual activity. Her social work background, as well as a short period of work as a personal assistant to people with mobility impairments, has led her to be interested in professional ethics and organizational issues, as well as how sexual facilitation is framed in policy. Her current research is a comparative study between England, Australia and the Netherlands, concerning on the one hand, policies, and on the other hand, disability organisations’ and sexual health organisations’ advocacy for sexual facilitation.

I would like to bring my contacts from Sweden, the Netherlands, Belgium and Australia to SHADA International. During the research I have come across many interesting persons and organisations and I think it would be fruitful to share experiences, inspire each other and hopefully further and develop ongoing work through international collaboration.


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